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Where We Live & Work

Des Moines

Where We Live & Work


Where We Live & Work

Our core values

We speak frankly and tell clients what they need to hear.
We’re motivated, flexible and fast. We love new ideas and seek them.
We never over-complicate our work nor short-change it.
  • Colby Shenkle

    Colby Shenkle is a graphic designer and developer with 10+ years of marketing agency work. A master of visual communications, his belief that “less is more” leads to clean, crisp and compelling designs. From logos to brochures, websites to banners, Colby’s designs enable businesses to stand out.

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson has 20+ years of experience in marketing, branding and public relations consulting. A former magazine editor, Mark is a gifted storyteller and a versatile writer — equally adept at writing ad copy and white papers.

  • Geri Johnson

    Geri Johnson is our Producer, lifestyle consultant, color stylist and proofreader. Geri's work is steady, refined and elegant. She keeps SJ projects on track.

  • Andrew Cox

    Andrew Cox is a web developer known for his “why before what” critical analysis and his scrupulous attention to detail. He writes semantic and standards-based code in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

  • Sam Maalouf

    Sam Maalouf is a marketing, sales and social media guru. He was Philips Electronics general manager for 3 years, where he grew the company's market share from 0.6% to 12.3%. Sam was selected among the top 40 Philips Electronics executives worldwide. He is fast and efficient. He is extremely energetic, inspiring and motivational. Sam looks at the opportunity in every calamity.

  • Our Pledge

    We promise to be effective. Do spectacular work. Deliver what clients need, going beyond what they imagine. Remain down to earth and accessible, never pretending to be something we’re not.

  • Capabilities

    We provide the deliverables of a big agency without the big overhead.

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